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Maayan Habriut - Shop Eilat

Nature shop selling health food

Maayan Habriut Eilat offers high-quality health products. Maayan Habriut Eilat offers Bio-food and vitamin-rich fruit shakes. The Nature Shop's name Maayan Habriut is famous for the reputed shakes that contains a large amount of vitamins such as iron, vitamin B-12, and Antitoxidants - preventing oxidation preserving the body's health all in one glass. Many residents and vacationers in Eilat, primarily vegetarians and vegans, know that at Maayan Habriut you can maintain a healthy diet with just one shake. In the Eilat Health Shop you can obtain almonds and other nuts and dried fruit in bulk. You can also find fine coconut oil and olive oil and fine sprouts and nuts and other food items that help maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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