Levinski College of Education Eilat

School and Kindergarten teachers' training colleges

Levinsky College of Education Eilat is one of the oldest and leading colleges in the country specializing in education and teacher training. Levinsky College of Education in Eilat, offers undergraduate programs in teaching and teacher certification. Academics are offered retraining programs for teachers qualified teaching and undergraduate completion program.   Levinsky College of Education in Eilat, combine theoretical curriculum with practical studies (practical work). The training programs help students get to the bottom of educational ideas and concepts and apply them in practice while experiencing in schools and kindergartens. Levinsky College ha sbeen involved for twenty years in educational practice in the community and educational institutions in the city of Eilat. College classes are held three days a week and the period of acquisition of undergraduate studies is of four years


Hatmarim 7, Eilat

Opening Hours
  • Sunday-Thursday: 09:00-18:00