Lawrence Eilat

Kosher Gourmet Menu

Lawrence Eilat is one of Herods Hotel restaurants. The restaurant is located at the boutique - Herods Vitalis hotel and offers a kosher gourmet menu and a magnificent Victorian-style hospitality. Lawrence Restaurant offers a rich and diverse gourmet menu of unique dishes and a quality wine menu. Dishes at Lawrence Eilat include: fillet on a bed of brioche with olive tapenade, ceviche, Palamida Crest coated with red spices, potato gnocchi, Fillet, Mushroom Risotto, Labrack fillet in saffron and pastis and more. Lawrence Eilat restaurant is undoubtedly one of the best gourmet restaurants in Eilat and one of the best kosher restaurants in Israel.


Dereh peamei hashalom 23, Eilat