Itzik Shawarma Eilat

Shawarma and grilled meats

Itzik Shawarma Eilat, Eilat's Shawarma. At Itzik's Shawarma you can choose from a variety of dishes: chicken shawarma, Turkey shawarma, Falafel, Schnitzel, Jerusalem mix and skewered meat. All dishes are accompanied by a variety of salads from the free salad bar. Itzik's Shawarma Eilat's meat is kosher. At Itzik's Shawarma you can eat-in or order for delivery anywhere in Eilat.


Hatmarim 56, Eilat

Opening Hours
  • Sun.-Thu. 11:00-02:00, Fri 11:00- one hour befor Sabbath. Sat. evening- End of Sabbath to 02:00