As the capital of Israeli tourism should, Eilat offers plenty of attractions, beaches and tourism sites targeted to many different crowds. From youth on vacations through romantic couples, and on to nature, sports, culture and music lovers. Out of the vast variety of options in Eilat, we focused on the top ten must-see sites. Along with the nature reserves, the beaches and diving sites, we added the best shopping centers and family friendly tourism sites.

  • 1 The Underwater Observatory

    One of the first tourism sites in Eilat. An enriching and fascinating observation for the whole family, on marina animals in their natural habitat. In addition to the observatory itself, the compound contains other attractions, such as a shark pool, turtle and stingray pool, the Amazon River hut, the glass bottom boat “Coral 2000”, special activities for children, photo shops and gift shops, coffee shops and more.
    Link: The Underwater Observatory.

    The Underwater Observatory
  • 2 The Dolphin Reef

    Like the underwater observatory, the dolphin reef is also one of the first institutions in Eilat which aims for a deep connection with the environment. The Dolphin Reef is located at the southern beach, and provides the crowd with plenty of activities. Swimming and diving with dolphins, hydrotherapy treatments at the “Stalbet Pools” and nature films screenings. More at the Dolphin Reef: special activities for children, an underwater photography center, restaurants and a gift shop. In addition, the Dolphin Reef hosts live shows and parties and is accessible for the disabled.
    Link: The Dolphin Reef.

    The Dolphin Reef
  • 3 Top 94 Adventure Park

    Enjoy fun activities for the entire family in a one of a kind adventure and extreme park. This huge compound includes 30 different activity zones, including a rope park, climbing wall, carting rink, mini bungee and more.
    Link: Top 94 Adventure Park.

    Top 94
  • 4 Snorkeling & Scuba diving

    Snorkeling in Coral Beach is one of the best ways to discover the underwater world of Eilat, which is revealed in its full glory just under the surface. If you want to go deeper in the depths of the Red Sea, try the spectacular guided scuba diving tours with one of the many professional diving clubs located along the coast.
    Link: Diving Clubs.

    Snorkel at Coral Beach
  • 5 Ice Park&Mall

    The young, refreshing and promising attraction in Eilat. The Ice Park is a shopping and entertainment center covered with a glass domed roof. At the building's center lies an ice rank for skating and performances. In addition to the brand shops, coffee shops, the bars and restaurants, Ice Park & Mall offers many more special attractions, such as the housewares, fashion accessories and home cooking bazaar. Children will be happy to discover both amusement compounds which include bumper cars, a train, video games, an igloo with artificial snow and more.
    Link: Ice Park.

    Ice Park&Mall
  • 6 Mall Hayam

    At the beating heart of Eilat, in front of the promenade and the airport, stands Mall Hayam shopping center. The mall is tax free and the most profitable mall in the entire country. Mall HaYam contains chain stores of the best brands in Israel and the world, from many different fields. Fashion, literature, music, camping, gadgets and more. In addition, there is a variety of restaurants, coffee shops and food stands. Recommended activity: Ice coffee and observation on take offs and landings in the airport, from the second floor's veranda.
    Link: Mall Hayam.

    Mall Hayam
  • 7 The Musical Fountain

    Located at 'Gan Binyamin Central Park', is the newest, most exciting attraction in Eilat - The Musical Fountain. Enjoy the spectacular audiovisual evening show with hundreds of colorful water jets going up to 30 meters in the air.
    Link: The Musical Fountain.

    The Musical Fountain
  • 8 The Camel Ranch

    One of the oldest and most popular attractions in the city is The Camel Ranch. Experience the amazing Eilat desert with a variety of activities including donkey carriage tours, camel rides and adrenaline filled ATV tours.
    Link: The Camel Ranch.

    The Camel Ranch
  • 9 Water Sport

    Extreme sports enthusiasts will love water sports in Eilat. Dozens of water sports clubs are spread along the southern and northern coasts of Eilat, offering a wide range of activities such as: Jet skies, banana boats, tubing, sup, kayaking and more.
    Link: Water Sport's Clubs.

    Eilat Water Sport
  • 10 Yacht Crusies

    Another, less wet, way to experience the beautiful Red Sea, is a day cruise on one of the many luxurious yachts docking in the Eilat Marina. From romantic private cruises, to party boats and pleasure cruises, this is one of the most exclusive and enjoyable things to do in Eilat.
    Link: Eilat Cruises.

    Eilat Yacht Cruise