Eilat offers its visitors a choice between hundreds of accommodations, among them dozens of different types of hotels, making it somewhat difficult to select the right hotel for you.

Eilat hotels vary in price, ratings and location, however, in our opinion; it is not enough information to make the best choice when picking a hotel. The following guide will give you an overview of the hotels in the city, with all the necessary information you need.

Summer on the beach

From the Herods hotel on the Jordanian border, to the Princess Hotel on the Egyptian border, the coastline of Eilat is full of hotels. The choice you have to make here is between the northern and the southern coastlines.

The advantage of staying at one of the northern beach hotels is that everything, meaning restaurants, pubs, shopping centers, attractions, and of course – some of Eilat's spectacular beaches, is within a short walking distance. The southern beach hotels, however, are farther from the city's touristic center, but will make for a good choice if you're looking for a peaceful, more quite vacation.

Family vacation:

Many of the hotels in Eilat, offer great lodging solutions for families, such as large housing units suitable for families of 3-5. These units mostly contain a fully equipped kitchen, a living room and separate bedrooms.

Another great option for families is the uncompromising comfort of the All Inclusive hotels. If you want to save yourself some unneeded hassle, this is the way to go. In these type of hotels you usually get a bracelet at check in allowing you to enjoy all the hotel's facilities, including unlimited food and drinks for free.

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