We all dream of the perfect vacation, enjoying the best of what the city has to offer. With such a wide variety of attractions and activities it's sometimes hard to decide how to spend your vacation . Below is a brief guide to Eilat's best attractions.

A sea of tranquility

The best way to relax and recharge in Eilat is to have a spa day or for some people, go diving, luckily, Eilat has plenty of both. If a nice spa day is what you're after, Eilat has many spa facilities and alternative therapists from a variety of fields. Reiki, reflexology, shiatsu, all types of massage, water massage, hydrotherapy pools, aromatherapy and even a fish spa. For a relaxing underwater experience you can choose between taking a scuba diving course with gear, or go free diving with a snorkel. To enjoy diving in Eilat you should visit the southern beaches of Eilat, such as the Aqua Sports beach, the Lighthouse Beach and more. Another recommended way to relax, which is also suitable for children, is to "touch the sky", a tourist attraction that takes you flying in hot air balloons over the amazing city.

There is plenty to see out of the sea

Around Eilat There are many amazing hiking trails varying in difficulty. The variety of guided tours range from extreme tours that include rappelling down cliffs (Look for "NegevLand Extreme", "Glitch" and Discoveries "), through tours inspired by stories from the Bible, to camel rides, donkeys ,ATV and Jeep. There are also incredible guided tours to Egypt and Jordan.

Dry as the arid Negev? Let's return to the water

Water sport attractions in Eilat are highly renowned throughout the country, mostly with younger people who flock to the southern city in the summer for some good old fashioned fun. Water skiing, tubing, motor boats, pedal boats, kayaks, parasailing, are available pretty much everywhere along the Eilat coastline. If you're not in to getting wet, you can set sail on one of the luxurious yachts based in two marinas. Cruises usually include great music, refreshments (from light refreshments, to gourmet meals, barbecue, and obviously alcohol), and of course swimming and snorkeling, which is amazing when you're in the middle of the sea.

What about the kids?

Eilat is packed with activities for children. First of all, pretty much every hotel has a variety of shows and activities for kids, which is always great when you want to sit by the pool undisturbed. Other exciting activities include bullet Flying, trampoline (mini bungee children, fear maze, IMAX theatre, dolphin reef and the underwater observatory.

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