I Change Eilat

largest exchange office in Eilat

I Change Eilat are experts in the field of money conversions and money transfer. I Change Eilat transfer money in the quickest way. Forget about long and exhausting queues, in ten minutes time your money will arrive at any location in the world. In addition, I change Eilat are well known for their low and friendly rates. I Change Eilat are working in full coordination with money transfer companies abroad, such as WESTERN UNION, UNISTREAM, GOLDEN CROWN, CONTACT, RIA, INTEL EXPRESS, MONEY GRAM. The service at I Change Eilat is highly professional and applied in all languages. I Change Eilat is located close to the central post office, the most safe and secure location in Eilat. The service is strongly recommended to immigrants, foreign workers, tourists and travelers and includs many services, such as: Currency exchange at the most favorable rate and WITHOUT COMMISSION, Money transfers around the world, as well as inside Israel, Banking and personal transfers. A wide range of money transfer systems with a favorable commission rate. Cash and non-cash payment, Replenishment of the balance of the Visa / MasterCard, as well as you can withdraw cash from your credit card.


Shfifon 6, Eilat

Opening Hours
  • Sunday-Thursday: 08:00-19:00, Friday 08:00-13:00.