Hazorfim Eilat

Silver Judaica

Hazorfim is a store that offers the best of Hazorfim network products - Silverware, Judaica gifts and prices excluding VAT. Prestigious Hazorfim network established in 1952, the best network in its field in Israel, produces over 300 special silver items annually. Hazorfim products are all of original design and highly significant in exceptional attention to detail, products you will not find easily elsewhere. On HAZORFIM Eilat you will find a variety of items such as candlesticks, serving dishes, frames and ornaments in addition to a selection of Judaica items such as Mezuzah, tools for Handwashing, hand Torah, Havdalah Candle Holder and more.


Antiv 5, Eilat

Opening Hours
  • Sunday - Thursday: 10:00 to 22:00, Friday: 09:00 to 16:00, Saturday until 23:00