Hanan Amos Eilat

Economic and financial consulting

Hanan Amos Eilat, senior economist, and Chief Financier companies' accountant, specializes in management and financial consulting. The many services provided by Hanan Amos Eilat include lectures on the economic and business administration, consulting for businesses, for the self-employed and retirees pensions, building business and recovery plans, budget management, setting goals in modular workflow, assistance to obtain finance from banks, from funds, from non-banking institutions and more. Hanan Amos Eilat has extensive experience in building arrays for big companies in the urban government and private sector. Among his satisfied Clients are S. Nufi construction company, water corporation Ein Netafim, Kibbutz Samar, Israel Tax Authority and many more. Service provided by Hanan Amos Eilat is designed for businesses, independent and retirees to pensions in Eilat and the Arava.


Hatoferet, Eilat

Opening Hours
  • 08:00 - 17:00