HaBardak Pub Eilat

An Original Eilat Pub

HaBardak Pub Eilat is located on the ruins of the legendary mate, and is designed in a European style. HaBardak Pub Eilat has a very large selection of whiskey - single malt, single Berl, Blended, Irish, Scotch and Bourbon - Guinness beers, and Oinstfn, Stella and Tuborg on tap. The musical style HaBardak Pub Eilat is an eclectic electronic, and hosts a number of regular Lines. The beginning of the week is devoted to good quality rock and roll. on Wednesday, the flag Line "Electronite" host a number of DJ's: Including Assaf Mikospace (former mikerotec), Max Spence, DJ fron the Center and guests from abroad. Friday "Friday messing around" (Bardak) Carnival with the DJ Nir Dror. Monday, "shenism Bardakizm" with changing DJs. Starts with Rock and roll and ends with electrinics.


Yotam 1, Eilat

Opening Hours
  • 22:00-03:00