Froyke Eilat

When you're hungry for the real thing

Froyke Eilat is a special sandwich buffet located in the heart of Eilat's entertainment area. Froyke Eilat insist on fresh ingredients. All of the food at Froyke Eilat is renewed daily, including the breads. The concept of Froyke Eilat is based on sandwich preparation in accordance with customer's choice. The customer is the one who chooses the meat and the way it's cooked (grill or stir). The sauces, the spreads, the wide variety of salads - all of these are in the hands of the customer's choice. Whoever has tasted, already knows, that the flavor of Froyke Eilat, is not to be found anywhere else in the city. More at Froyke Eilat - active delivery service. Please note - the food sold at Froyke Eilat is kosher, but due to the opening of the buffet on Saturdays, there is no kosher certification at the place.


Yotam 1, Eilat

Opening Hours
  • All week, except Sundays: 11:00 till last customer.