Free Dive Eilat

Freediving & Yoga

Free Dive Israel, situated in Eilat, is a freediving club that offers courses, reef diving, and training for all levels of skill in free diving. At Free Dive Eilat, courses, training, and dives are available in both English and Hebrew, encompassing elements of yoga, meditation, breathwork, and relaxation. Upon completing the course, you'll receive an internationally recognized certification from Apnea Total. Furthermore, the club hosts a breath and ice workshop, providing practical techniques to enhance breath control for improved mental clarity, performance, resilience to cold, and overall well-being. Enjoy freediving guided by experienced instructors who prioritize safety.


Shked 25, Eilat

Opening Hours
  • Sun-Thurs 08:30-18:30, Fri 08:30-14:00, Sat. 08:30-12:00