Eyal - Pantolino Eilat

American bagel and Italian food

Eyal - Pantolino restaurant is located in downtown Eilat and offers Kosher food at affordable prices. Eyal - Pantolino - takes pride in its special bagels from a unique recipe and baked from self produced flour. In addition to bagels you can find a wide selection of Italian-flavored foods: soups, lasagna, pastas, pizzas, fish and salad, the price starts from 16 ₪ for bagel and pastry to about ₪ -75 for a full meal. The unique and pleasant dining atmosphere will ensure a delightful vacation in Eilat.


Hatmarim 112, Eilat

Opening Hours
  • Sunday - Thursday 8:00 to 00:00, Friday 08:00 - 15:00,Saturday - 00:00