Eilat 2020 Street Theatre Festival (2/28/2020)

Vibrant Promenade Festival

2/28/2020 | 11:00

Eilat Municipality and the Municipal Tourism Corporation invite residents and visitors to a vibrant and fun Street Theatre Festival with circus artists, live statues, clowns, dancers, musicians, jugglers, acrobats and more.
Come enjoy the performances, workshops and activities - Admission is Free!

Activities at Eilat Tourism Corporation Complex:
Capoeira workshop, Victor Lito show, musical ensemble, live sculptures and inflatables.

Shows at the Queen of Sheba Mall Complex and Promenade:
Aerial acrobatics show, "Don't Stop at the Red Light" street theatre performance, pirate stilt walkers, rotating musical ensembles and live sculptures.

Shows at the Royal Beach Promenade Complex :
The "Street Inspectors" Theatre, Aerial Circus Show, "Circus on Wheels" Show, Stilt Walkers, Balloon Sculpting, ''She Who Said Hi" Street Theater, inflatables and live sculptures.

Shows at the Dan Promenade Complex:
"Olympic Games" show, "Time Machine - TV" performance, African drum workshop, Soap Bubble workshop, inflatables, live sculptures and musical ensembles, giant bicycles & Mr. Jay, ''Inflatable Orchestra".

  • 2/28/2020, 11:00
  • Eilat Promenade