Entrecote Express - Ice Park Eilat

Excellent Grill for Popular prices

Entrecote Express is part of the beloved Eilat network "Entrecote" that has brought to Eilat the gospel of quality meat at very affordable prices. Entrecote Express Eilat combines excellent food and the high level of service of "Entrecote" restaurants with the instant comfort and of fast food stalls. At Entrecote Express Eilat, although the service is quick and hot delicacies come straight from the grill, the team do not compromise on quality of products, and great taste is guaranteed as in the chain restaurants, and the dedicated service for which clients come there. So if you feel hungry in the middle of shopping, do not worry .. Look for the Entrecote Express and enjoy its satisfying and delicious taste immediately.


Kampen 8, Eilat

Opening Hours
  • Sunday - Thursday 09:30-24:00, Friday 9:30 - an hour before the Sabbath, Saturday 24:00