Discover Eilat

Eilat: Explore the Great Outdoors- The DIY Way!

Eilat, the southernmost city in Israel, is enveloped by a dramatic landscape that brings together the desert wilderness, the majesty of the Eilat Mountains that towers over the city, and the sparkling waters of the Red Sea that shimmer like a turquoise gemstone at the city's feet. This breathtaking amalgamation, combined with Eilat's proximity to Ramon International Airport, makes the city a hiking and nature buff's dream. We decided to recommend you take the do-it-yourself approach to hiking in the area, with a list of day trips and hikes that are suitable for all ages and budgets. Some are a short distance from Eilat's hotel district and others are no farther than a 30-minutes' drive from the city!

Eilat's: An Authentic Date with Culinary Delights

Hatmarim Boulevard is the first main street to be built in Eilat, back in the 1950s and for years, it was one of the only main boulevards to grace the city, built as an oasis in the middle of the desert. Food-wise, the boulevard offers something for everyone. Omnivore, carnivore, vegetarian or vegan, if there is one thing, we're sure of is that a stroll through Hatmarim Boulevard will not leave you hungry. So, if you are looking for recommendations that will satisfy your appetite and give you a taste of authentic city life without breaking the budget, these are the places to visit.

Eilat's Hidden Culinary Secrets: Where India, France, and Germany offer visitors delicious experiences in the most unexpected place!

At first glance, Eilat's industrial area seems like just another dreary hub of commercial activity, lined with furniture stores, a shopping center, supermarkets, and the occasional small business. But the locals know that this dull exterior hides a few culinary gems that offer foodies a festival of local and international flavors seasoned with a healthy dose of that special Eilat atmosphere, which peaks at noon Friday, when the city's residents flock to the area to celebrate life. Most places offer specials at certain times throughout the day that include a hearty meal for a fixed price, so in short, you are spoiled for choice!

Snorkeling in Eilat: Swimming in nature's aquarium

Have you always dreamed of swimming in crystal clear water, surrounded by colorful fish? Maybe even rub elbows with a dolphin as you marvel at unique, beautiful coral reefs? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to swim in nature's own wild aquarium? Tell me, have you ever snorkeled in Eilat? Snorkeling is something of a national sport for Eilat's residents, so here are the top-six snorkeling spots, as well as some tips and recommendations that only we know!