Cafe Cafe (Ice Mall) Eilat

Kosher restaurant for coffee lovers

Cafe Cafe Eilat is a branch of the ever-expanding "Cafe Cafe" chain, one of the most popular coffee shops in the country. Make no mistake, Cafe Cafe Eilat is more than just a coffee shop: it's a kosher-dairy restaurant with a rich and varied menu, offering anything from light breakfasts to satisfying lunches. Cafe Cafe Eilat prepares freshly baked Focaccias, a selection of grilled sandwiches, fish, pasta, soup, shakshouka, tortillas and more. Cafe Cafe Eilat is strictly kosher, and offers a wide selection of homemade desserts that go wonderfully with a nice cup of coffee.


Kampen 6, Eilat

Opening Hours
  • Sun.-Thur. 08:00-24:00, Fri. 08:00 until one hour before Shabat, Sat. evening until 24:00