Burgerim Eilat

Delicious mini-burgers

Burgerim Eilat is a branch of the successful and unique "Burgerim" chain. The restaurant, unlike most standard hamburger restaurants, offers a wide variety of delicious burger in one meal! The restaurant specializes in mini burgers, each weighing 80 grams, which allows diners to enjoy different burgers made from various types of meat. Burgerim Eilat serves packages of two or three mini-hamburgers, each one can be made with a different kind of meat selected by the customer. The types of meats you will find at Burgerim Eilat include beef, lamb, chicken, spicy beef merguez, vegetarian burger and more. You can also enjoy a side dish to go with your burgers, such as seasoned french fries, Israeli salad, crispy onion rings, home fries and more. In addition, Burgerim Eilat offers an option to buy a package of 16 burgers at reduced prices, so you can enjoy a full and satisfying meal with your friends!


Dereh peamei hashalom 15, Eilat

Opening Hours
  • Sun.-Thur. 11:30-00:30, Fri. 12:00-03:00, Sat. 12:00 until the wee hours.