Broitman Bakery & Cafe Eilat

Gluten Free Breads & Pastries

Broitman's gluten-free bakery & cafe is the talk of the town. Following the amazing success of the sourdough bread bakery in the city, Broitman opens its second branch offering an amazing selection of gluten-free bread and pastries. Pop in and enjoy a selection of scrumptious homemade quiches, cakes & crackers (chickpea & tahini cracker, Old Amsterdam cracker, cherry & marzipan pie, Mediterranean quiche, and more). The selection of homemade bread include chickpea & fenugreek, buckwheat & teff bread, almond buckwheat bread, and more) all gluten-free. The cafe's pleasant seating area serves excellent coffee and a variety of soft drinks.


Hatmarim 477/5, Eilat

Opening Hours
  • Sunday 09:00-17:00, Monday -Thursday 08:00-19:00, Friday 08:00-13:00