Assi Tiyulim Eilat

Transportation in and near Eilat

Assi Tiyulim Eilat is a transportation company offering a variety of professional transportation solutions in Eilat and the surrounding area. Assi Tiyulim Eilat operates a team of professional and experienced drivers, and offers shuttle services that are fast and efficient. The Company uses brand new vehicles, and promises to get you to your destination safely. Assi Tiyulim Eilat offers services that include transfers, such as transferring vacationers to and from their hotels, shuttles to terminals in the Arava border for people going to Petra, transportation to Ovda airport and more. In addition, Assi Tiyulim Eilat offers shuttle services for trips in and out of Eilat: One Day trips to Jerusalem or the Dead Sea, short trips around the city, nature tours, schools field trips and more.


Hatmarim 2, Eilat