Ashkara Grill Bar Eilat

Meat over the grill and Moroccan dishes

[Out of business]
"Ashkara Grill Bar" Restaurant Eilat is a kosher meat restaurant which was established in the industrial area in Eilat, specializing in quality meats and traditional Moroccan dishes and Tunisian cuisine. "Ashkara Grill Bar" Eilat was founded by a couple born in Eilat, Moshe Cohen and Yoav Fitoussi, one a veteran restaurants owner and the other an award-winning chef, and soon Eilat residents grew fond of the chef's successful invested dishes. First is is important to note the "Ashkara Grill Bar" restaurant's signature dish - entrecote steak fine "Fidlof" on a charcoal grill. The restaurant also offers a variety of Moroccan and Tunisian cuisine, including couscous, Fromm, Hriima and head meat, and familiar favorite grilled dishes - skewers of chicken, beef fillet, shish kebab, lamb kebab and more. Atr "Ashkara Grill Bar" Eilat also Take away service can be enjoyed, which allows an experience of excellent food in your home environment.

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