Amal Hesegim Eilat

Engineering college

Amal Hesegim Eilat is a branch of engineering college of certification specializing mainly in vocational training. Amal Hesegim Eilat specializes in the teaching of technology subjects such as electricity, refrigeration, air conditioning, industrial, management and more. Students who complete courses receive government certified diplomas. Amal Hesegim Eilat Branch, is a relatively new branch and it is small and very intimate. Small learning groups allow the teachers to give personal attention to each student. Amal Hesegim Eilat attaches great importance to training Eilat residents and employs an outstanding team of lecturers some of which fly from all around the country. In order to examine learning conditions and study programs it is recommended to arrange a meeting in advance.


Hasportaim, Eilat

Opening Hours
  • 8:00 - 17:00