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King's City Eilat

Theme park inspired by the biblical era

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King's City Eilat is a theme park inspired by the biblical period and it is one of the major attractions in Eilat. King's City is built on a huge area in the form of a magnificent palace and inside you can find an adventurous variety of fun activities for the whole family. King's City Park is divided to five major attractions: Journey to the Past - 3D film on ancient Egypt combines different effects for illustration, the Cave of the Bible - a drop into 60 meters deep cave where presentations tell the Bible stories , Cave of Illusions - a complex that marks the wisdom of King Solomon with a variety of optical illusions and interactive elements including a giant mazes, optical instruments and special games, David's spiral slide - slide 20 meters in a spiral built surf, waterfalls of King Solomon - sailing boats surfing down a steep waterfall at a height of 20 meters to the pool outside of the building.


What people say?

  1. kings city park

    I went to this park, it's an amaizing park. I like it so much and I ride all the rides in it, and the ride that I loved the most is the David's spiral slide... :*

    x (11/11/2013)

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