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Dr. Elad Ravid Eilat

Veterinary Clinic

Dr. Elad Ravid operates a veterinary clinic in Eilat. He is a veterinary specialist and member of a veterinarians doctors organization. Dr. Elad Ravid, veterinary clinic Eilat, offers house pet vaccines and treatments of various kinds backed by an innovative lab which provides fast tracking and monitoring services of house pets. In the laboratory it possible to perform the blood tests, x-rays and ultrasound and cardiology tests, EKG and more. With Dr. Elad Ravid, a veterinary clinic Eilat you can get gynecologic care and artificial insemination for animals. Ultramodern equipment allows the performance of surgical treatment and hospitalization of animals. Dr. Elad Ravid, a veterinary clinic in Eilat is at the service of his clients six days a week and operates emergency response 24 hours a day.

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